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Beware - the Bewator online booking system Java Applet replacement

Beware is a small twisted project to enable users of the Bewator Entro booking system to actually use the web infrastructure of that system without using the provided Java Applet<tm>.

It's a re-implementation of the web app that uses twisted for HTTP request engine stuff and Jinja2 for templating, along with some javascript and Twitter Bootstrap for nice UI stuff.

Code is at github/hnrkp/beware, feel free to fork or send a pull request!

This project does NOT use the Bewator BAPSI interface, since I don't have access to any system using that. I'm aware that it would probably be a better fit, but this project is aimed at replacing the annoying applet which doesn't really work in this time and age.

Henrik Persson <root@fulhack.info>
2015-01-26 21:17:43